About the Lela Harty Oil Painting Course

Lela Harty has been painting almost her entire adult life, and teaching oil painting since 1972. Her methods are known and respected around the world.

If you are a beginner, her method of painting will get you on the right path, and in the right direction immediately. You needn't waste years of "dabbling" waiting for a happy accident to occur on your canvas. You will learn to paint.

If you are a practicing painter, her method will make you a better painter, bringing you to a consistent standard of excellence. You will not be making the same mistakes over and over again. You'll become aware of your particular weakness immediately and will learn how to deal with it.

For years, beginners and professional painters alike have had to make do with bits and pieces of information they would run across in various "how-to" books, courses and magazines; and they had to make do with a tremendous amount of poor instruction.

The Lela Harty Oil Painting Course offers the most complete, most informative, most useful video course in painting instruction available anywhere. Once you have learned Lela's method of oil painting, a systematic way of placing shapes on your canvas, in the proper tone and color, you can paint anything and paint it well.

All the information, instructions and techniques you need to know about painting are contained in this easy-to-understand video course. If you follow the method we recommend, you will paint with great confidence that comes only when you know exactly what you are doing.

And here is the best part! We believe that painting is a fascinating experience that should be available to everyone. So we are offering this exciting video learning experience in oil painting lessons at an affordable price!


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